FWB Student Ministries is all about students from 7th to 12th Grade. Students face things in their everyday lives that need special attention. So one of the things we aim to do is prepare students for these things in their lives. Another thing that we aim to do is give our students the tools necessary to live out their faith. We believe that radical movements start with students. This generation is fortunate in that they have more resources available to them than any other generation before them. They are more connected to the world than any generation before them and because of that we look forward to this being the generation that will bring forth another Great Awakening in our nation.

We meet every Wednesday night for fun at 5:30 PM and worship at 6:45 PM where we have an experience that is specifically geared for students every week. We play energetic games, we have an engaging worship service, and the word of God will be presented every week in a way that will challenge students in ways that only God can challenge them. The goal for our Wednesday night service is for students to come and enjoy community with other believers while at the same time having an encounter with God in a way that can impact their lives.

We also do a lot of special events such a Encounter Camp, float trips, mission trips, and many more. Every event we have is geared to let students have fun and get away from their busy lives to meet with Jesus.

We would absolutely love to have you join us with everything we do! We want you to feel welcome to attend any of our services and join us on any of our trips! If you have any questions or would like more information feel free to contact our Student Pastor Jordan by emailing him at jordan@woodwardfreewill.org or calling the church office and asking for him!