Dear Parents:

We would like to welcome your child back to our Wednesday night “AMP Kidz” program.  I have a few reminders to share with you as we start this new session.

1)      The safety of your child is very important to us so we have set a few procedures in place to help us obtain that goal.

A)  You must come inside to pick up your child(ren).  We will have all the children in one room to make it easier to pick them up.  No child will be allowed to leave with anyone not on the list you have provided unless prior arrangements have been made and they will not be allowed out of the building without an adult

B) We have an information form that we should have on file for your child.  If you haven’t filled one out for each of your children, please let us know so we can get one.  This is basic information but will be helpful for us to provide for the safety of your child.

C) Finally, please be sure to tell us on this form if your child has food allergies because we will serve snacks.

 2)     Last session, we ordered T-Shirts so we all have a type of uniform to wear.  We ordered quite a few extras so if you didn’t get one, please let us know.  We probably have one that will fit.  They are $15 each.

We would love for all the kids to be in matching t-shirts so they feel like part of the group.  If the cost would prevent you from ordering, just let us know & we will work something out.  You can call Alicia @ 580-256-6631.

3)     Every week, the kids will earn “AMP Bucks” to be spent in our “store.”  They earn bucks by attending AMP, Children’s Church and Sunday School, by learning their memory verse, by bringing a friend, bringing a bible, bringing an offering and by returning their Family Talk Sheet.  Please help your child succeed by filling out the Family Talk Sheet with them and helping them learn their memory verse.

4)     AMP runs from 6:30 – 8:00 on Wednesday’s.  Children’s Church runs from 10:45-11:45 on Sundays.  We use that entire time for our program.  So, whenever possible, please try to have your kids here on time & let them stay until the end.  They will miss out on important learning time if they miss the beginning or the end of the lesson.

When you arrive to pick up your child, please wait down the hall a little ways instead of right outside the door until the closing is finished to avoid distracting the kids.

**Please remember that we cannot leave until all the children have been picked up.  We would appreciate it if you would try to be here to pick up your child as close to 8:00 or 11:45 as possible. ** 

Thank you in advance for working with us to help you children learn about the Gospel!

God Bless,

The AMP Kidz Team

ŸIf you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact Alicia @ 580-256-6631.Ÿ